For products of this type, in response to the specific requests of most important Italian utilities, we have been appointed to search the international market for partners capable of meeting the strict technical requirements and severe qualification procedures of the clientele we serve in the energy industry sector.

Following a process of international scouting, we have signed an exclusive partnership with the companies listed below, each of which specialises in a specific type of material required for manufacturing insulators for transmission and distribution in the energy industry:

» COMPOSITE insulators produced by Xiangyang Guowang Composite Insulators Co., Ltd. of China; products made using mould or injection technology for voltages of up to 1000kV. The company is part of the NARI Group, which has diversified in various fields of transmission, distribution and smart grid technologies in China and covers about 70% of the Chinese market with the STATE GRID.

» PORCELAIN insulators for voltages of up to 800kV produced by Aditya Birla Insulators Co., Ltd. of India. Our partner has a production line for manufacturing composite materials. The ADITYA BIRLA Group – a world leader in a number of production fields, specifically ferrous laminates, viscose materials, synthetic materials and cements. Their products have been qualified and certified by TERNA Rete Italia Spa.

BBC Trade offers:

  •  Budget proposals
  •  Product proposals, complete with technical data sheets and certifications
  •  Coordination of final testing


  • Composite insulators, for overhead lines and substations.  
  • Porcelain insulators for overhead lines and supporting insulators for substations as well as for hollow core insulators for outdoor HV/MV equipment (switches, circuit breakers, measuring transformers, surge arresters, etc.).


Principal Qualifications in Italy

  • ENEL
  • TERNA (in progress)
  • ABB
  • Municipal utilities
  • EPC Contractors