DURESCA “Wall Bushings” also available with toroidal current transformers

For this product category, required by Italians principal utilities and electrical companies, our partner MGC Moser-Glaser AG offers RIP (Resin Impregnated Paper) product, which has now replaced the old oil insulation technology. All the products we sell are dry type and may be considered “maintenance-free”.

The product is available with a silicone insulator for outdoor installations; a material that has now been consolidated on the market for HV/MV electrical substations, guaranteeing high performance in all the toughest environment applications world-wide. The products we propose meet the toughest requirements on the market for employee safety in the workplace.

» DURESCA WALL BUSHINGS for voltages of up to 550kV manufactured by the Swiss company MGC Moser Glaser AG using RIP technology. Our partner is a subsidiary of the PFIFFNER Group, a manufacturer of high voltage measuring transformers (current-voltage and combined current transformers and voltage transformers) for the European market.

Our product may be completed with toroidal indoor/outdoor current measuring transformers (CT).

BBC Trade offers:

  • Budget proposals
  • Product proposals, complete with technical data sheets and certifications
  • Coordination of final testing


  • “DURESCA” WALL BUSHINGS insulators  up to 550kV, RIP technology, for indoor and outdoor use, with silicone insulator.
  • Toroidal current transformers (CT) for installation on DURESCA WALL BUSHINGS.


Principal Qualifications in Italy

  • ENEL
  • TERNA (in progress)
  • ABB
  • Municipal utilities
  • EPC Contractors