Drawing on years of experience in the industry and close partnerships with the principal international organisations (CIGRE, IEEE and IEC), we offer quality plant testing services, even for operational plants, in collaboration with our “onsite HV solution” partner.

We can perform:

  • alternate current HV/MV testing
  • PD dielectric diagnostics on cables
  • monitoring of cable insulation with various types of insulating materials, either oil or dry
  • analysis and assessment of the need for replacement of cable lines with the customer
  • technical consulting services
  • global service
  • supply and installation of PT 100 probes for off-line diagnostics of cable surface temperatures

 BBC Trade offers:

  • Budget proposal for the end customer/utility company and for plant engineering
  • Proposal for targeted, planned work on supply grids
  • Coordination of final testing

All with the aim of achieving:

  • efficient commissioning of cable lines
  • reliability of HV/MV lines
  • targeted, well-pondered investment programme in accordance with our customers’ needs and budgets
  • absolute independence from manufacturers for proper analysis of installed products


Principal Qualifications in Italy

  • ENEL (in progress)