Optic Fiber Cables for Telecommunication, Energy and data transmission

Tele-Fonika Kable SA (TFK), is a Polish cable manufacturer that supplies a wide range of products to all sectors: telecom, Oil and Gas, Rail, Renewable Energy, Utilities and Distributors in Europe.

Many of our constructions can be customized to meet specific requirements, for example, to obtain a specific tensile strength. To increase the permissible tensile strength of our products, we include a layer of aramid or glass yarns under the outer sheath layer, to provide protections against rodents such as rats or mice.

Cables for installations which are exposed to mechanical impact are protected by the application of a corrugated steel tape or steel wire armour layer. The armour significantly increases the cable’s impact and crush resistance whilst also providing the most reliable protection against attack by rodents.

The main typical products and solutions that we can offer you are presented in the TFK catalog that you find attached:

The dedicated cables for applications are as follows:

» Broadband backbone networks – described in the attached data sheets:

  • FIBER OPTIC CABLES – Micro cable (offered for Open Fiber) Fibre_Optic_Cables
  • FIBER OPTIC CABLES – Micro cable 200 mm (offered for Open Fiber) Fibre_Optic_Cables

» Local access and internal networks – in the attached data sheets:


» Railways:

Another important product group are cables designed for overhead lines. ADSS (All Dielectric Self Supporting) cables, used for many years by railways and power utilities to build telecommunications networks.

  • FIBER OPTIC CABLES – ADSS (catalog attached)

The use of existing infrastructure columns reduces the network construction costs when compared to duct system, for example. Recently, we introduced a variant design which provides protection against shot blasting ADSS-XXOTKtsdDab. This was possible thanks to the inclusion of aramid yarns in the cable’s construction. The aramid fiber in the form of woven tapes dissipates the energy from the shot, protecting the internal components of the cable and optical fibers from damage. ADSS-XXOTKtsdDabt cables, for telecommunications, railway networks and similar applications when installed in areas with an increased risk of damage.

We are confident of our choice, both for the thrust of the digitization of our country, and due to relationship of in-depth knowledge of our partner, certain of being able to offer a valid product in terms of quality, reliability and service. It is service given that in recent years has rewarded our efforts in the Energy sector with the qualified and professional assistance that we have been able to offer thanks to the important technical support of our partner.

Ready for new challenges, to serve a rapidly developing market, with solutions designed for the most varied requirements, starting from the Energy sector to reach Telecommunications, sector operators, as well as to define collaboration relationships with the main national distributors.

Not having warehouses in Italy, we are ready to evaluate collaboration relationships with institution and/or organized structures for retail distribution of our cables, strong in being able to guarantee high technical competence on materials, study and qualification of the products required by the market, accompanied by the required certifications.

Our partner, not a manufacturer of the fiber, has framework contracts with the most important world producers (see product technical file below).

Our specificity is both the standard product proposal, the most widespread on the markets usually served by our partner, with limited availability of stock in the warehouse (see list below with relative technical data sheets). We are also available to study ad hoc construction solutions, according to the customer’s specifications, ready to serve for both national and export market.

Last but not least, we are able to propose, for the industrial sector, conventional multi-pair traditional cables version, with copper conductors.

BBC Trade offers:

  • Products on Stock
  • Budget offer
  • Proposal of products, accompanied by technical data sheets and certifications
  • Coordination of final tests


  • OF cables of different constructions

Products available at TFK warehouses:

  • Stock cables, available with minimum order quantities
Rif. SAP
Tipo di Cavo
Spec. no

MMQ [km] (*)

Tempi di Consegna
(numero di settimane)
G-126942 Z-XOTKtmsd 12J (1×12)/1,5 5,7mm TT1- 2289/4/0 MB 2 4 – 6
G-126943 Z-XOTKtmsd 24J (2×12)/1,5 5,7mm TT1- 2289/4/0 MB 2 4 – 6
G-126944 Z-XOTKtmsd 48J (4×12)/1,5 5,7mm TT1- 2289/4/0 MB 2 4 – 6
G-126945 Z-XOTKtmsd 72J (6×12)/1,5 5,7mm TT1- 2289/4/0 MB 2 4 – 6
G-102006 Z-XOTKtsd 12J (1×12)/1,8 TT1- 2557/1/0 MB 2 4 – 6
G-102012 Z-XOTKtsd 24J (2×12)/1,8 TT1- 2557/1/0 MB 2 4 – 6
G-120520 Z-XOTKtsd 48J (4×12)/1,8 TT1- 2557/1/0 MB 2 4 – 6
G-134542 WD-NOTKMd G657A2 24J (2×12)/1,3 TT1- 3034/4/0 MB 2 4 – 6
G-134544 WD-NOTKMd G657A2 48J (4×12)/1,3 TT1- 3034/4/0 MB 2 4 – 6
G-134550 WD-NOTKMd G657A2 24J (4×6)/1,0 TT1- 3034/4/0 MB 2 4 – 6
G-134561 WD-NOTKMd G657A2 48J (8×6)/1,0 TT1- 3034/4/0 MB 2 4 – 6
G-134548 WD-NOTKMd G657A2 16J (4×4)/0,9 TT1- 3034/4/0 MB 2 4 – 6
G-134549 WD-NOTKMd G657A2 12J (2×6)/1,0 TT1- 3034/4/0 MB 2 4 – 6

Technical specifications – Cable on Stock

  • TT1-2289.4.0.__Z-XOTKtmsd_2_-_288_fibres__TP_ANG_MB-16-09-2020_ZZ 
  • TT1-2557.1.0.__Z-XOTKtsd_2_-_288_Fibres_t.1,8_MB-21-07-2020_ZZ
  • TT1-3034.4.0_WD-NOTKMd_4-144_fibres_CPR_MB-19-08-2020_ZZ

Major OF cable contruction used on the market

  • TT1-2289.4.0 Z-XOTKtmsd 2 – 288 fibres
  • TT1-2492.4.0 Z-XOTKtsdDb 2-144 Fibres
  • TT1-2557.1.0 Z-XOTKtsd 2 – 288
  • TT1-2557.1.6.3 Z-XOTKtsd 12 – 192 Fibres
  • TT1-2557.1.6.3 Z-XOTKtsd 12-192 Fibres
  • TT1-3034.4.0 WD-NOTKMd 4-144 fibres
  • TT1-3105.3.0__A-DQ(ZN)B2Y_5000N__2_-_144_Fibres_tuby_1,8_pow._1,5_VDE_0888-3_RB-09-10-2020_ZZ

Particular fiber typology

  • SMF_G655__Fibres_ENG_Sumitomo_PureGuide_LA_ZZ
  • SMF_G652D__Fibres_ENG_Sumitomo

Cable specifications and certifications for optic fiber cables in use for Clusters A + B + C + D – OpenFiber / Infratel

  • TT1-2557.1.6.3 Z-XOTKtsd 12-396 Fibres



Major Qualifications obtained in Italy:

  • ENEL
  • OpenFiber / Infratel
  • ABB
  • Municipalities (in progress)
  • RFI (in progress)
  • EPC Contractors

Reference Lists:

  • Reference Lists – Railway sector

Technical file OF cable:

Factory visit:

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