» 2013 – Exclusive European partnership with Xiangyang Guowang Composite Insulators Co., Ltd. for composite insulators (a member of the Chinese giant NARI Group – Qualification obtained in the ENEL / ENDESA Group in 2014) and the TERNA Italia Group.

» 2014 – Exclusive partnership for porcelain insulators in Italy and Poland with Aditya Birla Insulators Ltd. (a member of the ADITYA BIRLA Group, a world leader in various sectors ranging from metalwork to production of viscose and cement).

» 2016 – High and medium voltage connections with specialised services such as feasibility studies, electrical engineering, supervision of assembly and supply of turnkey plants.

» 2017 – ISO 14000 certification – Joined the Maltese market as subcontractor of high voltage connections for Siemens Italia.

» 2017 – Became a market leader in short high voltage cable connections and medium voltage busbar connections, offering customers flexibility and highly qualified assistance in the creation of turnkey solutions.

» 2018 – Drawing on years of experience in the energy industry in close partnership with key international organisations CIGRE, IEEE and IEC, in partnership with onsite HV solutions, we offer onsite testing, dielectric PD and tan δ diagnostics on cables and monitoring of cable insulation made with a wide range of insulating materials, either oil or dry type, as well as global service and technical consultancy for HV/MV cable lines.

» 2019 – Participation in calls of tender for framework agreements with Enel Global Procurement (Enel Group) and TERNA Rete Italia Spa for the supply of 150 KV medium and high voltage composite and porcelain insulators and order awarding of one Lot for porcelain insulators.

» 2021 – BBC Trade Srl completes the product certification in Terna of its Indian Partner Aditya Birla Insulators, for HV porcelain insulators for electrical stations for voltage range up to 420kV. It also becomes the national distributor of MV/HV Wall-bushings, RIP technology with and without composite insulator, manufactured by the MGC Moser Glaser AG company (CH) for voltage range up to 245/300kV.